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Shopping on Amazon from the Philippines

If you love online shopping, then you already know about Amazon. This massive retailer has pretty much anything you can think of—from clothing, shoes, and jewelry to collectibles and fine art. Amazon offers over 500 million items from not only its own warehouses, but also from sellers all over the world. This gives you the ability to compare prices from dozens of stores and sellers, and allows you to find the best deals available. My Shopping Box ships hundreds of packages a day from the U.S. directly to its customers in the Philippines, and it’s no surprise that Amazon counts for a majority of them.

While a lot of items on Amazon can be shipped to a Philippine address, there are also a lot of products that simply can’t be purchased or become prohibitively expensive when taxes and duties are included. It’s not unheard of for items to double or even triple in cost because of additional fees once they arrive in the Philippines.

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Shipping to the Philippines with My Shopping Box

Once your package is delivered to your My Shopping Box address, it takes 2-3 working days to process and upload them to your My Shopping Box account. Don’t worry—we’ll notify you via email once the packages have been uploaded. Our free storage fees also mean you have time if you need to wait for other packages or if you won’t be available to receive the items in the Philippines. Once your package is ready for shipment, you simply need to log in to your account and pay for shipping. That’s it! We’ll deliver your items straight to your Philippine delivery address.

We bridge the gap between you and your favorite brands, allowing you to unlock a whole new world of shopping opportunities. Sign up for a My Shopping Box account to purchase seamlessly from the U.S. and Europe. Bring the world right to your doorstep.


Here's how to use My Shopping Box to get the goods you want from Amazon.com straight to your address in the Philippines:

Shop on Amazon

Shop for items on Amazon and send it to your My Shopping Box address


We’ll notify you when our warehouse gets your package. Login and pay for the delivery.


No need to do anything else. We’ll deliver your items straight to your doorstep.

Affordable Shipping Rates

Affordable shipping rates to shop from Amazon then ship to the Philippines

My Shopping Box offers two ways of shipping your packages to the Philippines from your U.S. address: air shipping or sea shipping. Air shipping is $6.99/lb for Class 1 items and $8.50/lb for Class 2 items with a delivery time of 10-12 business days from the date of payment. Sea shipping is $3.99/lb with a delivery time of 45-60 calendar days from the date of payment. All are fully inclusive of taxes and duties, and no matter which option you choose we’ll deliver your package straight to your doorstep. For now we only offer air shipping for Europe addresses, but stay tuned for more updates as we continue to improve our services.

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service features
my shopping box
brand a
brand b
Minimum Starting Fee
$ 6.99 /lbs
$6.99/lb. air cargo. $10
fixed transaction fee.
Undisclosed by shipper.
Refer to their shipping calculator.
U.S. Shipping
Europe Shipping
Minimum Chargeable Weight
At least 1lb. At least 2lb. Rounded up.
Free Storage
First 15 days only.
Free Insurance